DeSawyer 2000

DeSawyer 2000 by Monet Desauw Inc.

DeSawyer 2000

In today's competitive truss industry, a proven way to increase profits and volume is to use equipment that is time proven reliable and durable. Any down time at the saw (even just one hour) can have a ripple effect that slows production throughout the entire plant. The Desawyer 2000 core design has been proven since the late 1960's when Art DePauw started building his world famous saws. The Desawyer 2000 is manufactured to those standards. The incredible changes in the truss industry and the design criteria of trusses made it necessary to produce such a saw capable of cutting today's toughest components. The Desawyer 2000 excels in all areas of maintenance, operator ease, and return on investment. If you don't believe us ask anyone that owns one!

DeSawyer 2000 Features:

* The only fully computerized, five-bladed saw on the market with a complete manual pushbutton backup system. 

* Features on touch Auto calibration

* Average setup time is 6-8 seconds, board throughput up to 60 pieces per minute

* UL® and cUL® listed electrical cabinets

* Easy to use software, reads .trs, .ezy. Omn and .tre formats

* Features off-the-shelf parts, no PROPRIETARY parts.

* Air brakes on all 5 blades

* 17" touch screen monitor

* Name brand components that include Baldor, Square D, Turck, Sumitomo, and Boston.

* Our service is second to none. Our staff is knowledgeable about our products and our support is available day or night.

 * Heavy duty frame (1/4 x 3 x 6 tubing)

* Cutting Capacity; 20' in length (will cut 4x2, 2x3, up to 2x12, 10" block)

* Wired 480 volt, 3 phase, 60 amp, transformer needed if any other power provided (not included)

* Configured with 1-10hp quadrant (30" blade) PAE setup and 4-5hp quadrants (4-16" blades) center-line setup

* All quadrants have powered angulation and vertical movements with scales and counter to indicate position. 

*All 5-hp quadrants have powered horizontal movements with indicator scales and pointers. 

* Powered length carriage that moves at 1 foot per second

* 30 degrees lumber infeed conveyors that provide a feed rate up to 60 boards per minute.

* UL® and cUL® documented electrical cabinets

* Powered manual backup push buttons to ensure saw activity in the event of computer glitch.

* Vibrating waste conveyor

* Digital lumber counter


* Incline waste conveyor 12 feet in length 

* Spare set of Blades

* Transformer for 208 and 230 volt power


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